Erik Damsgaard, Member, Denmark

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry. 

The last 19 years Erik has been employed at OJ Electronics a leader in the HVAC and Floor heating industry.

Educated from Aalborg University with a M.Sc. in Electronics and later with a diploma in Business Economics from Aarhus University. Strong business development professional with a EMP, Executive Management Program focused in Strategy, innovation and management designed for top managers from INSEAD. Erik holds the chairman position in the Danish Service and Distributor company Masentia A/S since January 2014. The 2017 acquisition of a similar organization in Sweden has also added the position as Chairman in Masentia Holding AB, Värnamo.

In his earlier life Erik was the chairman in PBI-Dansensor when it was successfully sold to the US based MOCON of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Shares owned: 15,660
Warrants/Options owned: -0-

Erik Damsgaard is classified as an independent board member.

Erik Damsgaard, Member, Denmark