Claus Berner Møller

Claus Berner Møller

Claus Berner Møller is Vice President, Danish equities at ATP. He graduated as MD from the University of Copenhagen in 1989.

He worked as a medical doctor for 6 years and became a qualified specialist in general medicine. In 1995 he started as an analyst at Unibørs, which later became a part of Nordea securities, where he focused on the Health Care industry in the Nordic countries.

In 1998 Claus changed position to Bavarian Nordic as VP of Investor Relation and Strategy Planning and in 2000 he started at ATP. His experience includes mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, trade sales and business development. Claus Berner Møller has board experience from Natimmune AS and Hefacos Holding AS.

Mr. Berner Møller was voted for by 100% of the votes cast at the AGM held on May 9, 2023.