Ordinary General Meeting April 22nd, 2021


The Board of Directors of Asetek A/S hereby gives notice of the annual general meeting to be held on April 22nd 2021 in Aalborg, Denmark.

The notice convening the general meeting, the agenda, and the full text of all proposals can be downloaded from here.   


On the day of the notice of the general meeting there are 26,892,435 shares and 26,892,435 voting rights in Asetek A/S.

The following documents will be submitted to the general meeting:

 - Annual Report 2020
 - Remuneration Report 2020
 - Proposed Remuneration Policy

Notice of the meeting has been sent by email to the shareholders whom have requested communication vie email. A blank version of the notice of attendance, proxy and ballot can be downloaded from here.

Please note that if you keep your shares in a nominee account, which is typical for non-Norwegian investors, the Company does not have access to your name and other personal details. This means that invitations for general meetings, etc. may not automatically reach you.

You may want to work with your custodian/nominee bank to ensure that your shares are registered in your name. Or, if you can document your ownership as per the registration date 15 April, 2021, you can submit this documentation together with your postal or proxy vote, and your vote will be registered if the chairperson of the general meeting can accept the provided documentation.

Bios for the individuals proposed for the Board of Directors:

 - Jukka Pertola
 - Jørgen Smidt
 - Maria Hjorth
 - Erik Damsgaard

Bios for the individuals proposed for the Nomination Committee:

 - Ib Sønderby
 - Claus Berner Møller
 - Jukka Pertola