Larger Announced Orders

Asetek discloses larger, significant orders from the Data Center segment. Often, some informations needs to be kept confidential. If, at some point, previously confidetial information is made public, this will be noted in brackets below.

Asetek has recently (early 2018) raised the threshold for the released orders.

Announcement date      OEM                                              End-customer                                                           Order size (USD)      RackCDU/ServerLSL      Installment date  
28/Apr/2016 Undisclosed existing Undisclosed HPC in Asia 1m - 1.5m RackCDU 2016
22/Jun/2016 Undisclosed existing (Fujitsu) Undisclosed HPC in Europe (Regensburg University)      100,000 RackCDU Q3 16
24/Jan/2017 Undisclosed existing Undisclosed HPC 75,000 RackCDU Q2 17
27/Mar/2017 Undisclosed existing Undisclosed HPC. New installation 300,000 RackCDU Q2 17
27/Mar/2017 Intech & Company Undisclosed 25,000 RackCDU Q2 17
03/Apr/2017 Intech & Company Undisclosed 25,000 RackCDU Q2 17
10/Apr/2017 Undisclosed existing Undisclosed HPC. New installation 125,000 RackCDU Q2 17
09/May/2017 Fujitsu Undisclosed HPC. One existing & one new (NCHC) 1,000,000 RackCDU Late Q2 and early Q3 17
23/Jun/2017 Penguin Undisclosed. Government client 40,000 RackCDU Q3 17
26/Jun/2017 Penguin Undisclosed 140,000 RackCDU Q3 17
06/Jul/2017 Penguin Undisclosed 30,000 RackCDU Q3 17
12/Jul/2017 N.a. US Department of Defense 1,200,000 RackCDU Q3 17-Q2 18
14/Jul/2017 E4 Computer Engi. Undisclosed 32,000 RackCDU Q3 17
28/Jul/2017 Penguin US Department of Energy 280,000 RackCDU Q3 17
07/Sep/2017 NEC Corporation Osaka University 120,000 RackCDU Q3 & Q4 17
16/Nov/2017 Fujitsu AIST 1,000,000 RackCDU Q4 17
24/Jan/2018 Fujitsu Tohoku University 420,000 RackCDU Q1 18
25/Apr/2018 Quanta Computer National Center for HPC in Taiwan 500,000 N.a. Undisclosed
04/May/2018 Penguin Undisclosed 230,000 RackCDU Q3 18
16/May/2018 Fujitsu Undisclosed in Japan 600,000 RackCDU Q3 18
11/Sep/2018 Fujitsu Undisclosed HPC in Asia 400,000 RackCDU Q4 18
28/Jan/2019 Undisclosed (long time existing)      Undisclosed HPC in Asia 600,000 RackCDU Q1 19