Remuneration Policy and Equity Incentive Program

On the general meeting held on April 22 2021, the annual general meeting adopted the updated remuneration policy governing remuneration and the incentive programs of Asetek A/S in accordance with section 139 of the Danish Companies Act.

Asetek considers compensation in the form of equity to be a positive and valuable tool in the support of alignment between the company’s and its employees long termed interests. Asetek plans to offer options to buy company shares to the majority of its full time employees in lieu of cash compensation, and contingent upon their continued employment by the company. The Board of Directors will also assess whether Performance Stock Units may become a suitable equity instrument.

The right to options will typically be fully earned (“vested”) over 3 years following the date of the initial grant. The options will be granted at market value and will have a lifetime of 5 years. If not exercised during its lifetime, the option will expire; have no value to the holder, and will be returned to the company’s pool of options available for grants.  Upon termination of the position with the company, the receiver will no longer receive further grants, and – subject to local legal regulations – the receiver may be forced to exercise any exercisable options, or they will expire.

Prior to the current option programs initiation in 2018, Asetek had several warrant programs in place. Warrants issued under these programs have terms which closely resembles the terms of the current option program. In 2021, the vesting time and lifetime of new options were reduced from respectively 4 and 7 years to align better with market standards.

Asetek acknowledges that option- and warrant holders occasionally will desire to exercise and simultaneously sell their Asetek shares for the purpose of portfolio diversification. Such transactions may likely be affected by the local tradition in the area in which the option- or warrant holder is employed.

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