Asetek A/S uses the “InvestorPortal”, which is operated by Euronext Securities. Through the InvestorPortal you may subscribe and unsubscribe to electronic communication from Asetek A/S. The system offers a high degree of security to you as a user and receiver of electronic communication from us. Only registered shareholders can register e-mail addresses. If you are not a registered shareholder, we encourage you to register your shares by contacting your custodian bank.



  1. Go to the InvestorPortal

  2. Log on using MitID or VP-ID

  3. If you do not have a VP-ID, click on 'New user/New activation code and follow the guidelines

When logged on, you can choose the information you want to receive by e-mail or by letter in 'My profile' You can change your e-mail address at any time in the InvestorPortal.