Statutory Corporate Governance Statement

Asetek follows the reporting format suggested by the Danish Committee on Corporate Governance and releases its reporting on adherence to the recommendations for good corporate governance at least annually.

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Articles of Association

Click here to download Articles of Association PDF.

Click here to download the Memorandum of Association (establishment document) PDF.

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Asetek's Ethical Guidelines

Whistleblower Hotline and grievance process

At Asetek, we strongly believe in maintaining a business environment that inspires trust and mutual respect by adhering to common ethical guidelines. We have retained an external service to assist us in achieving these goals. Please visit the third party managed service by following this link:

Whistleblower Hotline (klagefunktion)

General Commitment Statement

Core Policies

Theme Policies

Responsible Business Relations

Human Rights Impact Assessment (2021)
Environmental Impact Assessment (2021)
Economic Impact Assessment (2021)
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Equity Incentive Program

On the general meeting held on April 22 2021, the annual general meeting adopted the updated remuneration policy governing remuneration and the incentive programs of Asetek A/S in accordance with section 139 of the Danish Companies Act.

Asetek considers compensation in the form of equity to be a positive and valuable tool in the support of alignment between the company’s and its employees long termed interests. Asetek plans to offer options to buy company shares to the majority of its full time employees in lieu of cash compensation, and contingent upon their continued employment by the company. The Board of Directors will also assess whether Performance Stock Units may become a suitable equity instrument.

The right to options will typically be fully earned (“vested”) over 3 years following the date of the initial grant. The options will be granted at market value and will have a lifetime of 5 years. If not exercised during its lifetime, the option will expire; have no value to the holder, and will be returned to the company’s pool of options available for grants. Upon termination of the position with the company, the receiver will no longer receive further grants, and – subject to local legal regulations – the receiver may be forced to exercise any exercisable options, or they will expire.

Prior to the current option programs initiation in 2018, Asetek had several warrant programs in place. Warrants issued under these programs have terms which closely resembles the terms of the current option program. In 2021, the vesting time and lifetime of new options were reduced from respectively 4 and 7 years to align better with market standards.

Asetek acknowledges that option- and warrant holders occasionally will desire to exercise and simultaneously sell their Asetek shares for the purpose of portfolio diversification. Such transactions may likely be affected by the local tradition in the area in which the option- or warrant holder is employed.

Stock Exchange Notifications pertaining to our equity incentive programs:

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Investor Relations Policy

Asetek’s policies and management systems provide direction and structure for the company’s economic and social performance. In turn, these policies guide our business decisions as we work to meet or exceed regulatory requirements and stakeholder needs and expectations.

The Board of Directors has at its meeting on December 15, 2015 approved the following Investor Relations Policy:

Communication with the capital markets:

Authorised spokespersons to communicate with the investment community (including analysts, stockbrokers, individual and institutional shareholders but excluding the media and rating agencies) are, unless otherwise agreed, Management and Investor Relations.

Management and Investor Relations maintains an ongoing relationship with investors and financial analysts. The primary channels for this comprise interim report presentations, road shows, broker conferences and Capital Market Updates.

Analyst meetings and conference calls arranged by Asetek to discuss quarterly and annual financial performance, material business events and thematic presentations will be simultaneously broadcasted over the internet or via telephone conference call. Advance notice of the meeting, and the simultaneous broadcast, will be made in a company announcement or other method of communication. Earnings company announcements will be released to newswires and posted on Asetek’s corporate website at or prior to the commencement of the meeting or call.

Quiet period:

During the last 4 weeks before the day of the release of an interim report, there will be no business discussions with the broader financial community.

When asked to review analyst draft reports and financial models, Investor Relations should limit review and comment to the following:

Correcting historical factual information only.

Pointing out information that is in the public domain.

Discussing generally the factors that might influence the underlying assumptions used for future projections.

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